UTC Rush

College Project - 2016-2017

Task: At UTC@MediaCity, there was a competitive exercise to work with a team and create a game that would advertise the college whilst being engaging for older demographics. The winning game after a week of developing had their game funded for the App Store and Play Store.
The aim of the game is to last as long as possible while tapping on enemies which are released from the 4 corners dipicting the 4 pathways of my college. Once they reach the center, you lose a life. While the occasional boss spawns in too.
I worked primarily on the games programming in C# using the Unity Game Engine, along with creating and timing animations within Unity and creating music with GarageBand. Our game, UTC Rush won and was published on both major app stores.
Libraries & Technologies used: C#, Unity, GarageBand ‚Äč

See below for some screenshots of the game: