RT Projects Database System

Year 2 - Software Engineering Module

Task: Work within a team to meet our client's requirements.
Our client, RT Projects, is a mental health charity based in Newcastle. They seek to improve their participants mental health through creative activities.
Regarding the application, they asked us to develop software for a register, a statistical analysis tool and for storing various information. We worked with tools such as Trello, Github and Dropbox to meet the requirements outlined by the charity. I primarily worked on developing the database interaction, the Dropbox implementation and minor UI edits. These involved developing python to SQLite3 queries, to make the system easier to use. I also used Dropbox's API to implement the synchronisation of the database, so both users can edit and use the database online for free. Furthermore, we implemented the user interface using the python package Tkinter.
Libraries & Technologies used: Python, Trello, Github, Dropbox API, SQLite3, Tkinter
For further information on my team, please view their github and social accounts below:

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