Various UTC@MediaCityUK College Courseworks 2016-2018

All of the following projects were developed using the Unity Game Engine, and programmed in Unity-based C#.

Card Game

My final major project was a card game, which works similar to the game Hearthstone. I worked in a team for the project with myself working on all of the programming (C#) and animation for this game as well as some voice acting. I worked on the artificial intelligence for the game so the user can play against something during the testing period. Towards the end of my development, I worked on networking and multiuser support to enable player vs player gameplay. See some images below for how the game looked and played. Artwork credits go to Ben Wright (details upon contact)

Heist Driving Game

For the Games Production module, I worked on a simple heist driving game using external assets. I wrote my own scripts implementing a heists and the on-screen instructions for the game. The environment contained several shops, and if the user stopped outside a shop for a longer period of time, a heist would be activated. With varying difficulty including the number of police vehicles spawning and a longer time to escape. The user must then evade AI controlled police vehicles for a certain length of time to complete the heist.


Our Modelling module involved modelling and texturing for a sci-fi oriented environment. See images below for design drawings, models and the final environment: